• Philippines | 23 April 2014
    Hands on the Quality & Accountability Program in the Philippines – Update 04
    Lutheran World Relief (LWR) in collaboration with Church World Service-Pakistan/Afghanistan (CWS-P/A) continues to collaborate on quality and accountability (Q&A) with various agencies including INGOs, NGOs, UN, and donors that are playing an active role in disaster response and early recovery in the Philippines. Through a Q&A ...

  • Pakistan | 7 April 2014
    World Health Day 2014: Preventing Vector-Borne Diseases
    More than one million people die every year from vector-borne diseases which include malaria and dengue. Vectors such as mosquitos, bugs, and ticks transmit pathogens and parasites from one infected person to another. Malaria causes more than 600, 000 deaths every year globally, most of them are children under five years of age and more than ...

  • Thailand | 19 March 2014
    The Office of Child Protection On Air
    Office of Child Protection Staff on Air Credit: CCT/OCP This year, The Office of Child Protection (OCP), a Church of Thailand Minister supported by CWS-Asia/Pacific, has been given the opportunity to run a radio program through The Church of Christ in Thailand's (CCT) radio channel. The CCT's mission for this radio station is to ...

  • Pakistan | 12 March 2014
    CWS Launches First Quality and Accountability Booklet on Project Cycle Management
    As part of Church World Service-Pakistan/Afghanistan’s (CWS-P/A) long-term commitment to enhance quality and accountability in humanitarian and development interventions, a booklet on Quality and Accountability (Q&A)for Project Cycle Management was launched in a ceremony held on March 11, 2014. “The booklet is unique as it helps ...

  • Japan | 11 March 2014
    We express our gratitude to our donors and partners for their commitment and loyalty
    As we commemorate the third year anniversary of the Great Eastern Japan disasters, CWS Asia/Pacific would like to first extend our thoughts and respect to the victims and survivors of the disasters. Three years later, despite the physical and psychological challenges that remain, the affected communities have demonstrated a lot of courage ...

  • Japan | 11 March 2014
    The Japan CSO Coalition is preparing the next World Conference on DRR in 2015 (WCDRR)
    As a core member of the Japan CSO Coalition for 2015 WCDRR (JCC2015), CWS-Asia/Pacific and its Japan office are pleased to introduce you to the CSO Coalition for 2015 WCDRR (JCC2015). Mission Members The JCC 2015 has 9 Core members (see below) and 64 afiliated organisations (as of January 16th 2014). - AYUS International Buddhist ...

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